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Lippard Nelia

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Forest is a 25-year-old semi-professional sports individual who takes pleasure in tiddlywinks, planking and spreading out fake news on Facebook. He is inspiring and energetic, but can likewise be very selfish and a bit cowardly. He is Danish who defines himself as bisexual. He began studying sports science at college however never ended up the course. He is consumed with selfies. Physically, Forest remains in good condition. He is really short with almond skin, grey hair and black eyes. He has actually hisself on his upper back. He matured in a middle class area. He was raised by his mother, his daddy having left when he was young. He is presently in a relationship with Ruth Cai Walker. Ruth is the exact same age as him and works as a novelist. Forest has one kid with girlfriend Ruth: Lilly aged 3. Forest's best buddy is a semi-professional sports person called Emil Rate. He likewise hangs around with Anita Gray and Kristen Bryant.

Forest is really an inspiring semi-Qualified sports activities one who is obsessed with selfies