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i received this in order to facilitate a review on the basis i would give my honest feedback both positive and negative.the main part the holder is a solid plastic mold with place for 6 included screws to attach it to the wall. make sure you use the wall anchors included as well as it will hold weight only if secured firmly. also i recommend using a level when you attach it so it does weigh down heavily to one side and cause undue stress on the piece. it holds five brooms mops easily with a push back rolling ball to secure the handle. i do wish there was a little more tension on these rolling balls in the holder as there would be a little less slipping down although it does hold it pretty well. i was really surprised to learn that it not only held on to my brooms but also my steam mop which is heavier than the other items. with the hooks i was able to hang clothes a dust pan and little bags i put my steam mop pads in. it really helped organize my home and keep things slim fitting to the

my mop and broom holder