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we were giving our laundry room a complete organizational makeover after almost 10 or 11 years of living in our current home and we had a small corner of 'stuff with handles'. they were also the first things you saw when the laundry room dry was open and we preferred that they actually be behind the door. so i attached one behind the door at a spot where we could hang everything we wanted but could still open the door until it hit the doorstop. installation for me was not an issue since i keep a box of self drilling drywall screws like these premium quality self drilling drywall zinc anchors with screws kit 40 pieces in the garage after years of trying to use whatever is included with the product. therefore i cannot speak to the hardware that is included but it does have an ample number of anchoring holes so after using the drywall screws it did not budge. it is holding a few mops telescoping poles for changing lighting a broom and the hooks have a small dust pan toilet brush etc. have

the mop holder