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The fusion of national culture and organizational culture in international settings

Erdem Erciyes


The main research objective is to investigate the role of culture in international settings. Concern for understanding the cultural aspect led to the result of utilizing critical ethnography methodology. As methods, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and, non-participant observations were conducted in four international organizations (IOs), with the participation of forty-four participants. For the first time in the existing literature, the findings develop a definition of International Culture, as a metamorphosed pattern of values, beliefs, assumptions, social ideas, language, symbols, rituals and working customs formed by the fusion of national cultures and organizational culture in international settings.  Likewise, for the first time, Schein’s cultural layers sketched a portrait of IOs’culture. Following this, with regard to culture, a final contribution has been in terms of national culture, the GLOBE study highlighted participants’ national cultural characteristics.


International culture, organizational culture, national culture, international management

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