The role of psychological capital and supportive organizational practices in the turnover process

İpek Kalemci Tüzün, Fatih Çetin, H.Nejat Basım


This paper investigates the relationship between perceived organizational support (POS) and perceived supervisory support (PSS) with turnover intentions based on social exchange theory. The paper also examines the role of employee’s psychological capital (PsyCap) level in POS, PSS and turnover intentions relations. Findings of this study concluded that both POS and PSS were negatively associated with turnover intentions. Results showed that there is a significant difference between low PsyCap in the PSS and turnover intentions relationship, referring to that low level of PsyCap moderates only the relationship between PSS and turnover intentions. However no differences were found between POS and turnover intentions relationship. Moreover, the relationship between POS and turnover intentions is mediated by PsyCap, but there is no significant indirect effect between PSS and turnover intentions through PsyCap. The findings of this study proposed that recognizing the level of an employee's psychological capital might also play an important role in leveraging how organizational and supervisory support might shape employee turnover intentions. This paper might be valuable for academicians and managers in practice and might inspire the future researchers to investigate turnover intentions.


Organizational support, Supervisory support, Psychological capital, Turnover

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