Türk Sanayi İşletmelerinde İleri İmalat Teknolojileri Kullanımı ve Performansa Etkisi (The Implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and its Impact on the Performance of Turkish Manufacturing Firms)

Hasan Bülbül, Hasan K. Güleş


The implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT) and its relationship with firms’ manufacturing and business performance have been the subject of active research in recent years. However, the findings of almost all studies are based on data collected in developed countries. This study examines investments in AMT and its relationship with firms’ manufacturing and business performance, using survey responses from 28 manufacturing firms in Turkey, a developing country. Four major conclusions are drawn from this research. First, the implementation of all individual AMTs increased significantly during the five-year research horizon (1996-2001) in the Turkish manufacturing firms. Moreover, among 12 AMTs, CAD, CNC, CAM and MRPII are the most frequently used, while robotics, automated diagnosis and material handling systems are the least used. Second, environmental dynamism has a significant effect on the implementation of AMT. Third, correlation analysis indicates that there are significant positive correlations between the importance that firms place on each objective and the level of satisfaction with the achievement of that objective. Finally, the results of correlation analysis clearly indicate that there is a significantly positive relationship between AMT and both manufacturing and business performance.

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