Economic Appraisal of the Bosphorus Tube Tunnel and stanbul Metro Alternatives and their Environmental Impacts

Cevat Karataş


The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed analysis of the Bosphorus Tube Tunnel and a number of alternative İstanbul metro systems. An attempt is made to compare economically the Bosphorus Tube Tunnel with an İstanbul Metro system via Taksim and combined alternative which comprises both the Bosphorus tube Tunnel and the İstanbul metro system by refering to a future no-build baseline alternative. In the analysis, the Little-Mirrlees appraisal method is adopted that requires the estimation of national parameters and conversion factors for the primary inputs. Economic analysis is first based on market prices and then accounting prices. The economic appraisal system includes calculations of the internal rate of return, benefit-cost ratios and the discounted net present value (NPV) of each alternative. In the final section, the environmental impacts of each project are identified and taken into account in order to provide a more complete evaluation.

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